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42 Reasons why not to rent that apartment.

1   Water leaks into apartment because; mortar between bricks is missing;  bricks are missing;  or because of a hole in exterior wall.

2   Water leaks into apartment because roof  leaks.

3   Water leaks into apartment becuase skylightis leaks.

4   Hallway, corridor, or exit is not clear and unencumbered.

5   Exterior stairways -- front, rea or fire escape is not clear and  unencumbered.

6    Fire escape will not lower to public way or dooris not clear and unencumbered.

7    No illumination in enclosed stairways.

8    Flammable or combustible materials stored around building where burning would obstructe a safe exit.

9    Stoop is dangerously defective.

10   Porch is dilapidated and dangerous because of; unsound floor;  loose, corrotting supports, missing or defective members.

11   Balcony is dilapidated and dangerous because of unsound floor, loose, corrotting supports, missing or defective members.

12   Treads on stairs are dangerously dilapidated, not sound, securely fastened, or substantially level.

13   No handrail on exterior stairs or building entrance stairs (with two or more 2 risers).

14   Stairs are dangerously dilapidated (such as rotted wood, structurally unsound).

15   No fire door protecting corridor or stairwell.

16   Raw sewage or sewer gas in the basement or cellar.

17   Water or waste  in basement becuase plumbing or soil pipe is loose or missing.

18   No lock on door to building or to apartment, front or back door.

19   Lock on door requires key to exit (to building or to apartment, front or back

20   Cold air or water penetrates into apartment (front or back door not weathertight

21   No toilet, no bathroom sink,  no bathtub or shower, no kitchen sink.

22   Hot or cold water not running.

23   Water temperature is not at least 100° in kitchen sink, lavatory, bathtub or shower.

24   Toilet does not flush.

25   Kitchen sink, lavatory, bathtub or shower is stopped up.

26   Plumbing facilities leaking and flooding apartment (toilet,  faucet, trap, joint, or plumbing pipe

27   Flow of hot or cold water is inadequate; at least .5 gallon per minutein lavatory, kitchen sink, at least 1 gallon per minute in bathtub or shower.

28   Dangerously exposed live wires on fixture.

29   No heat or below 68° F. from 8:30 AM to 10:30 PM, below 63° F. 10:30 PM  to 7:30 A.M., below 65° F. 7:30 AM 8:30 AM.

30   Heating facilities are inadequate for heating all rooms (space heaters or missing radiators), zt least 65° F inside when 10°  .outside.

31   No window pane, broken out or missing glass.

32   Cold air or water leaks into apartment, windows not weathertight.

33   No locks on windows (if easily accessible from ground or 10 feet of adjacent roof, exterior stairway, fire escape, or porch.  locks

34   Floors dangerous to walk upon; sagging floor or rotten floor boards.

35   Floor with huge hole or missing large segments.

36   Wall with huge hole or missing large segments.

37   Ceiling with huge hole or missing large segments.

38   Ceiling, walls, or windows with flaking, peeling, chipped, or loose paint with lead based paint.

39   Serious infestation of cockroaches.

40   Serious infestation of other insects.

41   Rats in apartment.

42   Serious infestation of mice

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